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Launch from June 2024 to December 2024

Architecture automatically engages space and time; however, meaningful architecture has more: perhaps having a story to tell, enhances the human experience, appropriateness to context and culture, brings people together, or more. KLAF 2024 invites PAM members to build their own pavilions to engage with the public in one of the most popular public places in Kuala Lumpur, the Lake Titiwangsa Park. 

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Design Concept of PA/WE/TORIUM


Transformed by the artistic touch of nature, our interactive pavilion stands as a homage to Malaysia's rich cultural heritage, drawing inspiration from traditional houses and crafted entirely from the versatile bamboo. Much more than mere architecture, it serves as a canvas, a stage, and an auditorium, where nature assumes the roles of artist, performer, and director. Through an immersive experience, it delves into the interconnected themes of time, space, and energy, with nature's omnipresence weaving seamlessly throughout every moment.


Brain-Storming & Technical Discussion @CTA Meeting Room


Pre-Fabrication @CTA Workshop

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